Sliabh Beagh ASC 3rd Annual Masters Swimming Gala

Sliabh Beagh ASC will host the 3rd Annual Sliabh Beagh Masters on Saturday 25th January 2020 at Coral Leisure Centre, Monaghan.

Email entries to or post to Maura Bowden, Sliabh Beagh Asc, Gala Secretary c/o Monaghan Coral Leisure Centre, Clones Road, Monaghan.

Closing date for entries is Saturday 11th January 2020.

Swim Ireland Short Course Championships

Kyle and John were up against Irish record holders Alan and Eoin Corry and Darragh Green in their 50, 100 and 200m Breaststroke.

The above Irish swimmers won their events and set new Irish Records in the process. Our boys set new Personal Best times for themselves and John made 3 Finals.

The 200Butterfly is well known to be a very tough event. Adam was not to be cowed by the company he was in and attacked the race positively. Adam went out fast over the first 100 and hung on in the first 50 of the second d 100. However, he fatigued in the closing two lengths and while he came home in a new PB time, he was hurting seriously.

Only the highest praise can be given to Adam and when he was able to discuss his performance with his coach, it was all positive and a look to the future, for the next stage of his development.

Kyle swam in the Breaststroke events and he picked up PBs in the 50 and 200 events. His 100 was a close shave from missing the PB. Kyle has improved his technical elements and this took a lot of concentration when in the red heat of racing. This needs more refinement but the process has begun. If this is well embedded through deliberate practice, Kyle will be a contended. I say this because his Breaststroke leg kick is awesome. Performances were discussed with the coach and a combined effort to work on the technique and to build fitness, is the basis of the plan in the coming months.

John swam in the 3 Breaststroke events like Kyle. He also swam in the 50 Free, 50 Fly and 100 Free. John achieved a final payment, ace in all his events except the 50 Butterfly. John has improved his fitness this year and he is also working on his technique and strength. The primary difference between John and those who finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd is water fitness. This is achieved by training in the pool between 16 and 20 hours a week. John and his comrades have a maximum of 8 hours in the pool. This is a big gap and has serious impact on all events, especially the 100 races and up in distance.

Again John and the coach, had a good discussion on the technique and the next phase in his preparation for competition in Summer 2020.

Well done swimmers. You brought a lot of praise on the club with your performances. Keep working SMARTER and with club support, you and others, who did not go or have the times to be entered, but did not travel, will be great advocates for your club, parish, region for young people, in future years.

Sliabh Beagh at the Enniskillen Lakeland Home Gala

As always a friendly welcome was extended to all Sliabh Beagh swimmers and support team and a special thank you to the organisers, officials and referee on the day.

The morning consisted of 20 events, 9-11 years and 12+years in all strokes. It was down to business as the starter commenced the first race, excitement filled the air.

Sliabh Beagh has 24 swimmers competing across the morning, with four making their debut. Our Team Manager Claire Sheridan was flat out organising swimmers as the turnaround was very fast, good job Claire.

Our swimmers achieved 45 PB’s, 14 Medals & Qualifying Times for Swim Ulster Qualifying Meets.

Congratulations on your achievements and keep up the hard work.


Yes, but in order to achieve the above, there are a sequence of events which must be completed and rules adhered too, in order to do so. Starting with push off, streamline, under water work, break out, stroke rate, breathing, attacking the wall on the turn and finish, all of which must be technically correct. There is a lot to remember. Only by doing so each and every time you swim in training, with maximum effort, will you improve and achieve your goals.

The Club, parents and families would like to thank our swimmers for representing us and their dedication to training. Well done on dreams fulfilled, times achieved and the odd medal thrown in for good measure. Believe in your own ability.


Ulster Short Course Swimming Championships 2019

JOHN DONNOLLY is crowned Ulster Senior 50m Breaststroke Champion.

The premier event of the 2019 / 2020 Ulster Short Course season was held over last weekend from Friday 15 to Sunday 17 Nov inclusive in Lagan Valley Leisureplex, Lisburn.

John Donnolly representing Sliabh Beagh swimming club won this very competitive event in a finish that had less that one hundredth of a second between himself and the second placed swimmer and two hundredths of a second between the 2nd and 3rd placed finisher.

John’s winning time of 30.07 was his new personal best time for this event. He had to battle with swimmers from the big 4 clubs in Ulster. These are Bangor, Ards, Lisburn and Larne.

The finish was so tight that without electronic timing, separating the top 3 would have been very challenging. To win, John had to get all elements of the event 100% in sync. The start, underwater phase into the swim, the approach to the turn, the turn, underwater phase and into the swim and then nailing the finish. There is no time to think in these sprint events, all either works or it does not. Also there is the undefinable element of composure under pressure. On this occasion, John put all the elements together and came up as the Ulster Champion for 2019.

John also picked up a Bronze medal in the 100 Breaststroke. This event was also very closely fought out by 5 swimmers. John was squeezed into third place in this event. John also made the final of the  50 Back, 100 Free, 200 Breaststroke and 50 Butterfly event.

This Meet also saw four other club swimmers in action. Faolan Campbell swam in the 50 and 100 Backstroke, making the 50 Back final and narrowly missing out in a place in the 100 Back final. Faolan set new PB times in all his events including the 50 and 100 Freestyle.

Kyle McKenna made two finals. He also swam in the 50 Free and 50m Breaststroke final. This was a big step for Kyle and again he set new Personal Best times. Kyle also swam in the 200 and 100 Breaststroke and the 50 Free.

Adam Lynch set new times in the 50, 100 and 200 Butterfly events, the 50 and 100 Back and the 50 Free. Adam set new and in a few cases, huge improvements in his Personal Best times. This was a big step up in class for Adam.

The fourth swimmer was Maddie Smith. Maddie was swimming in the 100 Breaststroke, 200 IM and 200 Breaststroke events. Maddie put in very steady and solid swims, bringing home personal best times in all events.

Finally the club also had a men’s relay team in the 4 x 50 Freestyle and the 4 x 50 Medley events. All swimmers performed to a very high level, setting very fast times. They were just pipped in both events by Lisburn in the Freestyle relay and Larne in the Medley relay races. By pipped we mean less than a second. It was hard to take but it was also a huge confidence booster for all the swimmers and the club.

Larne Sprints – November 2019

Sliabh Beagh attended the Larne Sprints, on 2nd November 2019 in Larne Leisure Centre.  Super friendly welcome was extended to all Sliabh Beagh swimmers and support team and a special thank you to the organisers, officials and referee on the day.

The morning consisted of ten events, 96 heats and 543 swimmers and the afternoon had, eight events, 59 heats and 292 swimmers.  A busy and very long day was had by all.

Sliabh Beagh has 10 swimmers completing across the day and the Team Manager Claire Sheridan had all organised and ready to go in good time, super job, as always Claire.

Our swimmers achieved 18 PB’s, 7 gold, 10 silver, 3 bronze.  Even better our swimmers achieved Qualifying and Ulster Short Course times.

Hugh congratulations on your achievements, you did you families and the club proud.

Our swimmers have improved over the last few weeks and therefore keep up attendance and dedication to training.  Give training 100% and listen to your corrections. Put them in practice every time you swim. This hard work will result in dream fulfilled and times improved.  Believe in your our ability. GO TEAM SLIABH BEAGH!

UPCOMING GALAS 2019 – 2020

Remember and discuss with your Squad Coach what events you should take part in, prior to entering a meet. 

Details are also on Club Noticeboard in the Leisure Centre.

Swim Ulster Skills Meet – Sunday 24th November, Omagh

Skills Meet – Meet Information 2019-2020


Swim Ulster Development 2, Sunday 1st December, Armagh

Age as of 31st December 2019

Entry Form:    SUDEV2ARMAGH

Meet Information:  Development Meets 2019-2020


Swim Ulster Autumn Qualifying, Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th October, Omagh

Age as of 31st December 2019

Entry Form:    SU AUTUMN QUALIFYING 2019

Meet Information:  Qualifying Meet Information 2019-2020


Swim Ulster Development 1, Sunday 6th October, Omagh

Age as of 31st December 2019

Entry Form:    SUDEV1OMAGH

Meet Information:  Development Meets 2019-2020




Please check the links below for Qualification Times and Information  on upcoming meets for the forthcoming year.


Competition Calendar 2019-2020 – v5 17.9.19

Full Competition Handbook V1 – 17.9.19 (

(Please note that the qualifying times in this handbook are for competitions up to 31st December 2019 – qualifying time for competitions after 1st January 2020 will be published in October.)


SU Qualifying Times 2018-2019


Remember and speak to your coaches to see what Meets & events you should attend.  

Ulster Autumn Qualifying Meet – Lisburn, October 2019

This swim meet went well for all swimmers. Both Darragh and Adam where very happy with Back crawl and IM with both getting PB’s. Adams 100 fly was strong too, but he needs to work on developing his u water kick for more speed and distance. A PB was also bagged here.
Kyle had difficult 200 Breaststroke and was disappointed post race. With post race analysis it was evident he went out too fast, thus tired early and consequently his stroke and kick lost propulsion. So the lesson here is pace management, be realistic in personal expectations, and build time and progress incrementally.

Kyle had a 400m Free swim in the afternoon session and he was happy with his 400 free result. On Sunday Kyle swam the 100 breaststroke. This is a good event for Kyle, but again he was not having things all his own way and we may have to reassess his skills and work on some more race strategy for the coming season. Although he did medal, Kyle did not PB in this event.

Faolan had a mixed weekend with underperformance in the Backcrawl but improvement in the Free and Breaststroke events. The Backcrawl possibly needs some re-engineering and this should help get the PBs coming again. The 400 Free is always a challenging event as going out too fast hurts too much but holding back, leaves a lot of work to be done at the end. So, the best policy is even splits.

The club need to work on this generally and to develop a better middle distance fitness approach to training, in order to improve our performance in competition.

John, used the Meet as a “where am I2 event. He was going well in the 200 IM, Until he decided to try swallowing a few gallons of water in a turn. That put paid to the 200 IM. His basic speed is not there yet, but we are only working on aerobic capacity at present, in the main.

Hannah gave every race her best but was not satisfied with her times. There is a piece of work to be finessed. This is around aerobic fitness, turn and u water improvement, not putting too much “I must” pressure and manage expectation a bit better. With a little more attention to EVF, kick effectiveness etc., PBs should follow.

Rebekah has avery good skill set, but needs to work more consistently. Skill was enough at a younger age, but with competitors increasing training volume, and getting stronger, the skilled swimmer must respond or they will be left wondering. So, work on aerobic capacity, work on legs and u water pullouts and the times will tumble and the finish position climb. Nevertheless, the production of a PB was a positive for Rebekah.

Katie had a good weekend in the pool. She completed every event and showed signs of returning to her earlier form. This injuries are niggling and impact on her fitness. Also some repair on the backcrawl turn is needed. Again, patience, some modifications and small improvements will yield results.

This was a good Meet overall for a first outing of the season. We have eased back to training this season and the head coach is focusing in this period on aerobic capacity rather than fast swimming. So everyone must be patient, while everyone also must take responsibility for monitoring and modifying their skills, continuously.

Swim Ulster Development 1 in Omagh

Sliabh Beagh attended the Swim Ulster Development 1 gala, on 6th October 2019 in Omagh. As always a friendly welcome was extended to all Sliabh Beagh swimmers and support team and a special thank you to the organisers, officials and referee on the day.  The morning consisted of six events, 38 heats and 219 swimmers and the afternoon had, eight events, 60 heats and 341 swimmers.  A busy day was had by all.  Sliabh Beagh has 14 swimmers completing across the day and the Team Manager Claire Sheridan had all organised and ready to go in good time, good job Claire.  Against tough opposition our swimmers achieved 22 PB’s, 15 Medals & Qualifying Times.  Congratulations on your achievements.

More importantly, I was proud to see our young athletes mix with friends from other clubs, welcome new friends and adopt one as our chief supporter for the day.  It is wonderful to see our swimmers represent the club, their families and themselves in such a friendly and inclusive basis. However once in the water all bets were off and the training came into play. While technically strong, it is very early in the year and much work to do. A finishing touch made the difference in some races and to some came victory and to others a time or medal missed.

What you do in training is what will stand to you at the next competition. Give 100% in training, keep listening and working, have faith in your own ability, trust your coaches and ever onward to the next competition. GO TEAM SLIABH BEAGH.

Peter O Hara performs well at Cyprus international Gala
Peter O Hara performs well at Cyprus international Gala

Peter performs well at Cyprus international Gala

The 4th cyprus International masters was held in Limassol Weeknd October 18th to 20th.  Peter O hara represented sliabh beagh and competed in 5 events. The first swim was on Saturday 50 FC where he got 1st on his age group with a time of 27.00

The next day Peter had 4 swims. First was the 200fc  swam in a time of 2.11.16, closely  followed by 50butterfly. 29.04. Peter came 1st and 2nd respectively in his age group of these events.

The last session of the day saw him compete in 100fc and 100 butterfly. Both events saw him swim reasonable times and collecting gold in 100fc and a joint 1st in the  butterfly along with Lithuanian swimmer Irmantas Bu.   This was a close finish with both swimmers touching the wall at exact same time.  Peter came away with 4 golds and a silver from the competition and as always the competition has a relaxed, social atmosphere that is well organised and swam under warm sunny conditions.

Thank you to Cyprus Masters for hosting the competition and hope  the events profile continues to grow.

Parental Supervision Rota:

Under Swim Ireland rules and regulations for Child Safety in Sport, the club is obliged to have a responsible adult supervise at all times during pool and dry land training sessions.

If you are unable to attend your scheduled session you should arrange cover with someone else.  However please note that it is still your responsibility as the originally named person to ensure that the session is covered.

Each pool and dry land training session must be supervised by a parent.  This duty was set up in the interests of both swimmers and coaches to enhance their safety.  The coach may ask for your help should a swimmer become ill or injure themselves in some form.  Should a swimmer need to go home their parents should be contacted and the swimmer should wait with you till they arrive.

For Full Policy Details: Supervision-Policy-2010

Below are the schedules for the months of May – June see notice board for details

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