Leinster Distance Graded Gala – Sunday 21 October 2012 – INFORMATION UPDATE

Please see below note from Swim Leinster

Individual texts will be sent out to the swimmers that are affected.


SESSION 1……….WARM UP TIME…………08.00…..START TIME……….09.00

SESSION 2……….WARM UP TIME…………11.45…..START TIME……….12.45

SESSION 3……….WARM UP TIME…………16.45…..START TIME………..17.45

Due to the overwhelming level of entries to the Leinster Distance/Graded gala, It has been necessary to make significant adjustments to the entry lists. We regret to be in this situation. However there is currently a review underway to change the scope of both the Distance and Graded meets to ensure that we meet the needs of the development of swimming in the Leinster Region.  It is important that we give our lower graded swimmers the opportunity to compete at the NAC.  We have only opened the Graded part of the meet to Grades 5 and upwards only.  This allows us to run ALL 3 sessions as advertised. We have made some changes to the Distance meet to keep within the number of heats advertised, by removing all those swimmers entered on “NT” and any swimmers slower than the allocated number of heats.  Documentation with regards to these amendments have been sent to individual Clubs.  We would ask every club to co-operate with officials on the day as we are still very tight with time. We have no room for error or stoppages at the meet.  We are well aware that all the necessary changes will impact on our swimmers and sincerely regret any inconvenience caused.   We hope that this Meet will provide a successful start to the season and aim to facilitate as many swimmers at all levels over the course of the season.

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