Eleven Sliabh Beagh swimmers participated in the Leinster Graded Gala at the NAC in Dublin on Sunday October 20th.  There were many outstanding swims, many strong swims, and some swims that were a decent start to the competition season.   Notably, Colin Gorman’s lucky number was 7, as he took 7 seconds off of his 100 meter butterfly time (1.16.06) AND his 100 meter freestyle time (1.05.04), both of which were technically fantastic swims.  Emer Sheridan also had a great day for shaving seconds off of her times bringing her 100 meter backstroke down 9 seconds (1.25.40), 5 seconds off her 50 meter freestyle (33.93), 4 seconds off her 50 meter butterfly (39.89), and 2 seconds off her 100 meter breaststroke (1.35.60).  Niamh Lavelle swam strong and took two seconds off both of her events: 100 meter breaststroke (1.47.00) and 100 meter backstroke (1.42.22). Eimear McKenna took 3 seconds off of her 100 meter breaststroke (1.39.78), and swam a strong 100 backstroke (1.25.25). Matthew Comiskey took 4 seconds off his 100 m freestyle (1.30.54) while Jamie Sheridan took 4 seconds off his 100 meter I.M. time (1.18.97).  For a few swimmers, it was their first time racing in their events for which they did well.  Geroid Coyle 50 meter backstroke (54.95), 100 freestyle (1.43.86), 50 meter breaststroke (52.65).  James Campbell 100 freestyle (1.35.68), 50 backstroke (51.16), 50 breaststroke (57.06), 100 I.M. (1.55.73).  Leon Campbell had a full day!  His swims included: 100 I.M. (1.37.84), 100 fly (1.42.24), 100 freestyle (1.22.94), 50 backstroke (46.08), and 50 breaststroke (48.30).  In the afternoon session we had Nathan Shields who appears to be back on track following a long recovery from an injury – Nathan swam 3 events 50 fly (31.76), Nathan took 5 seconds off his 100 breaststroke (1.21.28) and 1 second off his 100 Backstroke (1.11.67). Other swims included: Matthew Comiskey 50 breaststroke (56.41); Jamie Sheridan 100 fly (1.17.12), 100 freestyle (1.06.73); Sean McKenna  100 I.M. (1.20.97), 100 freestyle (1.09.67);

It was good to see some real improvements in strokes, namely: long freestyle arms, good underwater dolphin kicks at the starts and turns, and streamlines.  We could use a bit more practice when it comes to dives: the entire body should be in a tight streamline position as you enter the water (hand on hand, ears squeezed between your arms, legs together and toes pointed!), and practicing race pace for 100 meter events (not being too long in the streamline position of each stroke for breaststroke).   Overall it was a great day, Sliabh Beagh came home with PB’s , Medals and the swimmers should be happy with their swims (and if not, they should note how they can improve for next time!).

Some of our swimmers at the NAC last Sunday

Celtic Nations Masters Gala – NAC 19 October 2013

The NAC swimming club hosted the above gala last Saturday in the NAC, Dublin.  Peter O’Hara represented the club at this gala and set a number of new Personal best times and also was multiple medal winner.  This gala had swimmers from Europe, UK and the USA. Swim times were fast and most races were won or last in the final length. A sloppy turn, poor transitions from one stroke to the next, poor pacing and careless or tired finishes were punished.  Peter’s results were: 50 Butterfly 28.03, PB. 1st overall; 50 Free 26.02, PB. 2nd overall; 200 Fly 2.39.09 2nd overall; 100 Fly 1.02.69 PB. 1st overall; 100 Free 57.31 PB. 2ndoverall. 100 IM 1.09.37 4th overall.  On the 9 November 2013 in Lisburn Peter and Cornelia Connolly will compete in the Ulster Masters Gala.

Halloween Qualifying Gala – Larne Saturday 19 October 2013 

Two swimmers from the club travelled to this Ulster qualifying gala in Larne. Both swimmers produced good swims achieving PB’s and having a positive feeling after the event. Unfortunately I cannot report their placing as the full results are not available at the time of writing. Jordan McShane swam in the 400 IM returning a time of 5.58.00 and the 100 Breaststroke in a time of 1.25.15. Ciaran Deasey swam in the 200 IM producing a time of 2.38.55, 100 Freestyle in a time of 1.05.87 and the 200 Backcrawl in 2.40.54. Well done Jordan and Ciaran!

Disability NI Gala – Lisburn, Saturday 19 October 2013

Colm McAdam represented the club swam in several events and was successful in all. Colm has been working in Dublin so training has been primarily on his own which is difficult at the the best of times. However he has to make a living and the following result is commendable and exceptional. Well done Colm. His results are: 1st 25m Backcrawl; 1st 100m Freestyle; 1st 25m Freestyle; 3rd 50m Freestyle.  His official times will be circulated shortly by DSNI.

Club Training

We are now into our seventh week back in training and bodies are adapting to the early morning starts. Training is solid, the effort being made by most swimmers is praiseworthy and the times of those attending galas are going in the right direction.  Lactate test times are been used by the coaches and all swimmers are finding the challenge to meet these times tough just now. This is to be expected but in a week or so that will change.

All swimmers are requested to bring their stretch bands poolside and to use them pre session to warm up and mobilise their muscles. All swimmers are expected to carry out own time gym sessions as per issues programmes. Failure to do this will leave you trailing those who are diligent and focused on improvement.

All swimmers must strive to be the best they can be in training by doing the strokes technically well, the turns and underwater phase brilliantly every time and working tirelessly to hit the different energy system target times.  Finally this is the week that the senior squad hit their full compliment of training sessions. No more lie ins on Monday morning!.


Swimmers and parents need to confirm with Head Coach Eamon or Intermediate Coach Noel whether they are attending the Halloween camp in Magherafelt by Friday 25 Oct. Failure to indicate what days you are attending will result in you not getting on the camp and no training will be held in Monaghan for these squads from Thursday to Sunday (with Saturday AM session to be decided at the time of writing).


The Club Exec, Committee and Club Members deeply regret to learn of the death of Mrs Kitty McManus, mother of Marty McManus, mother in law of Fiona and grandmother of Shannagh & Maolíosa.  Deepest sympathy is extended to them and their family at this sad time.   May she Rest in Peace.

It is also with great sadness that we learned of the death of Joseph P Fitzpatrick, the Swim Ulster Hon. Secretary, Joseph was a loyal volunteer for both Swim Ulster and Swim Ireland and he will be missed greatly by the Aquatic family.  May he Rest in Peace.


Our AGM will take place on Wednesday 13th November at 8pm in the Four Seasons Hotel and all Club members are encouraged to attend.

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