Swim Ulster Christmas Qualifying Meet – LaganValley, Lisburn

Last weekend 17 swimmers from the club challenged themselves in the qualifying gala. Distances swam ranged from 50m to 1,500m. PB’s were brought in by 95% of all swimmers attending. The encouraging aspect of the performances was the appearance of toughness, resilience, endurance and some improvement in technical elements. This is important, because in tight fast races swimmers need to know they can sustain the effort and that they know what pain is and how to manage it in a race.  Also not being afraid to go into that place is a great leap and we are getting there.  The training intensities are therefore critical to developing fitness and hitting the lactate times is key to this improvement.

The training since September has been focusing on endurance, speed endurance and improvement in stroke and turn technique. The effort by all swimmers and coaches seems to be paying off and times are generally tumbling.  However, while good performances are great for confidence, we must move on and try and be more efficient, more race fit and have the execution of turns and the following underwater phase down to perfection.

Coach comments post races were in the area of streamlining during Butterfly and Breaststroke. This means being prone when applying force from the arms in Fly and legs in Breaststroke.  Another was the need for understanding that while keeping the stroke long is generally a good thing, in shorter races the stroke rate needs to be higher in order to maintain top speed. Finally, leg kick in all strokes is an area that we must be more aware of.  The kick contributes to balance, lift, underwater speed and swim speed.  We all need to improve this element significantly.  As Bob Bowman, coach to Michael Phelps,  says ‘you will not win races unless you can move fast and powerfully underwater.’

The following swimmers achieved their first Division Two times at this gala. Caragh Leonard, 200 free and 100 Breast. Caoimhe Leonard, 100 Back and 100 Breast.

It was also a first for Conor Comiskey and Emily Madden competing in the 1500m Freestyle, both achieved great times with Conor gaining a Division one time for his effort. Cillian Mc Gahon also competed in the 800 Freestyle.  This was Cillian’s first time over this distance, again showing a gutsy swim for a nine year old.

Other races were as follows.

400IM Deirbhle Coll, Alannah Leonard.  Colin Gorman, Sean Mc Kenna.

100 Fly  Caragh Leonard, Emer Sheridan, Caoimhe Leonard, Alannah Leonard, Deirbhla Coll. Cillian Mc Gahon, Sean Mc Kenna, Colin Gorman, Peter O Hara.

200 Fly, Colin Gorman, Claragh Mc Gahon, Shauna Mc Gahon.

200 IM Claragh Mc Gahon, Emer Sheridan, Emily Madden, Shauna Mc Gahon, Eimear Mc kenna

100 Breaststroke Caragh Leonard,  Emer Sheridan, Caoimhe leonard,  Deirbhle Coll, Alannah Leonard, Cillian Mc Gahon, Colin Gorman, Jamie Sheridan.

200 Breaststroke, Colin Gorman,

100 Backstroke, Cillian Mc Gahon, Conor Comiskey, Jamie Sheridan. Caragh leonard, Megan Mc Shane, Caoimhe Leonard, Orla Young.

200 Backstroke, Claragh Mc Gahon

100 Freestyle, Claragh Mc Gahon, Emer Sheridan, Shauna Mc Gahon, Eimear Mc kenna,

200 Freestyle, Cillian Mc Gahon, Conor Comiskey, Peter O Hara, Caragh leonard, Megan Mc Shane, Caoimhe leonard, Orla Young, Alannah leonard.

400 Freestyle, Conor Comiskey, Colin Gorman, Shauna Mc Mahon.

50 Freestyle, Jamie Sheridan, Peter O Hara,

50 Fly Sean mc kenna, Jamie Sheridan, Peter O Hara.

100IM, Jamie Sheridan

Some of our swimmers at Swim Ulster Christmas Qualifying Meet
On Your Marks!!- Swim Ulster Christmas Qualifying Meet


























Christmas Cracker in National Aquatic Centre

Six of our swimmers travelled to the NAC to compete in this gala.  They swam over 50m and 100m in all strokes.  A good performance was put in by all swimmers.  Well done to James Campbell, Oran O’ Caolain, Cliona Sheridan, Allison Gorman, Ross Delaney and Deirbhle Coll.

Some of our swimmers at the Christmas Cracker in the NAC

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