Aqua Series Round Four success!


Round 4 of the Division 4 Aqua Series League proved to be a very positive event for Sliabh Beagh, who made the long trip to Downpatrick to compete against Lecale last Saturday.  As
in the previous three rounds of league meets, all the races were keenly contested by the home and away teams with Sliabh Beagh making a strong showing across the board in all four age-groups.
In Group A (U10), the mixed Medley and Freestyle relays made it a double, finishing in first place in both events with individual plaudits going to Hannah McKenna, Lexi Ronaghan, Cora McArdle, Evin Casey, Rian Lynch & Hugh Connolly for achieving top swimming places and points.
In Group B (U11), the Sliabh Beagh mixed relays continued great form with double point first place finishes, while in the individual events Sophia Vergnano, Ellen Casey, Aoife Mullen, Eilis MacCinna, Zach Mulligan, Senan Durnin and Chullain Rankin held great poise
by getting their hands on the wall to secure maximum points in three out of the four individual events.
In Group C (U12), Sliabh Beagh continued to dominate with maximum point finishes in the mixed relays while Clodagh McCabe, Lily Deery, Eabha McMullen, Clodagh Connolly, Daithi Lynch, Egan Hearty and Owen Fitzpatrick excelled with top finishes and points in the individual events.
While in Group D (U13), the mixed relays found the going a little tough with a very competitive Lecale team splitting the points in some tight finishes, with Lecale winning the mixed Medley and Sliabh Beagh the Freestyle discipline.  In the individual events, the tough racing continued with Riya George, Ellie Mulligan, Millie Skeath, Charlie Duffy, Odhran MacCinna and Ridas Zelvys pipping Lecale just about in the Backstroke, Butterfly and Freestyle disciplines while Lecale won the Breaststroke event in Group D.

Our congratulations to Millie Skeath and Charlie Duffy who were fantastic Team Captains and leaders against Lecale and this concluded a very exciting competition with a final score
of 252-148 in favour of Sliabh Beagh, which was warmly greeted by the travelling Sliabh Beagh support of coaches, officials and parents. Well done everyone!
With Round four bringing the Aqua Series league to a close, Sliabh Beagh finished top of the league and will look to carry this super form into the final on Friday 9th June in Omagh Leisure Centre. Here they will contest the final in a three-way event against Enniskillen and Lecale and this surely will be a nail-biting competition where league form will be thrown out
the window, with the Winner Takes All for promotion to Division Three!

Good Luck Everyone, you know what to do…. #SwimFast #HaveFun