The Sliabh Beagh AquaSprint squad finished up their winning season with a last practice of relays and fun events in the pool along with their coaches on Saturday June 9th, 2012.   Following practice, there was a final party where every member of the squad received a Gold AquaSprint Finals’ Champion medal for being a part of the winning team.   A special thank you went to Sarah O’Hara for her many years of hard work with the AquaSprints. Tommy Collins was also recognized for the work he did as Team Manager in years past.   Team Captains were Emer Sheridan and Danny Treacy.   A note of appreciation also goes to Dierdre Comiskey and Kirsten Roberts, for their role in managing the team this year.   It is only with their work, and the work of the many parents who volunteer throughout the season, and the hard work of the swimmers and coaches that it is possible to have such a successful team.   A big thank you to all those who support Sliabh Beagh! 
New registration forms for next season were handed out  and should be returned to the pool.    Please contact Claire on  087 2909777       if you did not get a form

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