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AquaSprint Gala – Another WIN!

Home gala to Kilkeel.  We won 213pts to 187pts
Another Great Win!

Thanks to Aquasprint co-ordinators Deirdre and Kirsten for the following report:

FOREST FEAST AQUASPRINT JUNIOR SWIMMING LEAGUE: On Saturday 11 February 2012 Sliabh Beagh swimming club welcomed Kilkeel Aquasprint Team to compete in their second Forest Feast Aquasprint Gala of the season.

The evening consisted of a close gala all the way through, but Sliabh Beagh came through as winners with a final score of 213 pts to 187 pts. There were outstanding contributions and great swims from all our young Sliabh Beagh Swimmers.

Congratulations to all of you on your second win of the season.  Keep up the good work as our next outing will be 10 March 2012 where we will travel to Belfast to meet Alliance swimming club.

An information leaflet is available to parents of new swimmers outlining the format of the Aquasprint Galas.  Please attain a leaflet from Deirdre or Kirsten at training sessions.

Information for New AquaSprint Swimmers and Parents

AquasprintIn participating in AquaSprint galas we hope to give swimmers the opportunity to be part of a team and take part in healthy competition.  To enable this to happen takes a lot of organisation by Club officials, the participation of swimmers and the commitment of their parents/guardians.


  • The AquaSprints Team is for children aged 7 to 11 years.
  • The Swimmers for each gala will be selected a week in advance of the gala.
  • The list of names will be displayed on the noticeboard for all parents and swimmers.
  • Parents should only sign the sheet if their child/children are able to attend the particular gala.  NAMES ARE NOT TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST.
  • If a Swimmer is not able to compete in a specific gala we would ask for the Coach to be informed as soon as possible to enable a replacement swimmer to be chosen.


  • There are various races: two relays (medley and freestyle) and four individual strokes for each age group.
  • Galas last about an hour and a half.
  • Medley Relay (Backstroke, breast stroke, butterfly, freestyle) -two boys and two girls from each age group (4 Races)
  • Backstroke  Girls and Boys (8 races)
  • Breaststroke Girls and Boys (8 races)
  • Butterfly Girls and Boys (8 races)
  • Freestyle (front crawl) Girls and Boys (8 races)
  • Freestyle Relay  two boys and two girls from each age group (4 races).


Team members need to bring all the usual equipment: trunks/swimsuit; goggles; towel.

Other useful items to bring:

  • Spare towel
  • Drink
  • Change for locker which varies depending on the leisure centre (10p – £1)
  • Club Polo Shirt to wear between races to keep warm


Half of galas are held at other venues, coach transport is provided by the club:

  • Coaches have seatbelts, which must be worn
  • Cost of the coach is €5 for each swimmer travelling
  • Children are counted at the beginning of each journey to ensure all are present.  Please let an official know if your child is not travelling by coach.


Support from parents is essential at galas to assist with various duties:

  • Timekeepers  (six)
  • Officicals to Organise swimmers prior to each race
  • Starter and finishing judge
  • Official to record times and keep score

We also need supporters to cheer on all swimmers taking part in the galas.

After galas the home team provide a supper for all participants and supporters, so we ask for parents to provide sandwiches, buns etc….

Forest Feast AquaSprint Junior Swimming League – AMENDED

Forest Feast AquaSprint Junior Swimming League
Forest Feast AquaSprint Junior Swimming League


Here are the dates for the forthcoming Aquasprint galas for this year
Saturday, 24th November 2012
                 Breffnie  (Home)
Saturday, 2nd February 2013
                     Lecale (Away)
Saturday, 2nd March 2013
                            Newry and Mourne (Away)
Saturday, 6th April 2013
                            Limavady (Home)
Saturday, 27th April 2013
                           Ballymoney (Home)
Details of each gala will be given nearer the time.