A busy weekend ahead at IAG DIVISION 2 & EINDHOVEN

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Sliabh Beagh All Set For Eindhoven.

Netherlands Invitational Championships, Eindhoven – 1 & 2 July 2017



The club have 23 swimmers entered in this gala.  The team head out on Thursday and return on Monday.  Preparation has been ongoing since the Ulster Age Group Championships, last April. We have held sessions in the Monaghan Pool as normal and we have also held 6 sessions in the Magherafelt 50m Pool.  While several swimmers have been managing training, study and either their Leaving Certificate, Junior Certificate and GCSE or A Star exams, nevertheless we will head to Eindhoven, ready to compete.

This gala has a huge entry, with swimmers from all over Europe, USA and the Middle East. So, competition will be fierce and any weakness will be exploited in full by top class competitors. One unusual feature of this gala is the one shot you have at each stroke.  In most galas, there are heats and finals, some have semi-finals.  So many competent swimmers ease into finals and then go for it in the final.

This gala requires the swimmer to perform in the ‘heat’ and this time determines your placing.  So, if you want to get a PB and to be in the medal hunt, you must perform in every swim.  There is no second chance.  This will be a new element for all of us to adapt to.

Last Sunday we held the Club Record gala and this is a one-shot type gala.  You swim your selected stroke and if you set a record for your age group, that stands until at least this time next year.  So, I suppose we have had a bit of practice at this type of gala.

Another unusual feature of this gala is the afternoon start.  This ensures fast swimming, because the human body is ‘designed’ to perform better in the PM than the AM.

The organisers have also utilised this huge centre (3 pools, 1 x 25m and 2 x 50m), to its maximum capacity.  The U12 swimmers will compete in the 25m pool and all 12+ swimmers will compete in the 50m pools.  So, a busy time keeping track of who is where, how they are doing, when their swims are etc, will keep the team managers and coaches busy poolside.

We wish all Swimmers, Team Managers, Chaperones and Coaching staff all the very best and hope the trip is fun, successful and all return safely on Monday.


Darcy & Caolain head to Limerick

Irish Age Group Division 2 Championships – Friday 30 June – Sunday 2 July       

Two of our younger swimmers chose to go to this gala, which is also this coming weekend. Darcy Walker and Caolain Roberts are flying the flag at this very competitive national gala.  Swimmers from all over Ireland will compete in the UL Arena, Limerick.  This is an important stepping stone for developing swimmers and it is a great way to learn how to race, make finals, plan midday rest and swim finals,  It is ideally suited to younger swimmers, who are now ready to gain experience at Championship level.

darDisplaying Caolan who will travel to Limerick to take part in the Irish Age group Championships Division Two

We wish Darcy and Caolain the very best and hope they have a fun, success and a great learning experience (along with their families in Limerick).

Masters Class.


The 7 week Masters coaching class concluded last Friday.  This was a very successful first attempt by the club. What made it really successful, was the enthusiasm, determination, consistency and attitude the class members brought to the program.  Attendance was very impressive.  The desire to learn and improve was second to none.  The communal spirit was inspiring and the chats post class were a combination of great feedback, general information and exquisite socialisation.  Some actually entered the club record gala last Sunday and they swam 100 and 200m events, with great courage and skill. Keep up the good work and good luck in your summer Triathlon swim legs.  Many thanks to Monaghan Sports Partnership & Coral Leisure for their support.

The coaches were Marcin, Peter, Emily, Nathan, Ita and Eamon. Their feedback was in tandem with the class members; we should do this again in the Autumn.


Swimmers take part in Litter Picking.


Last Sunday Councillor Aidan Campbell handed over a cheque from the Environmental Section of Monaghan Co Council to Sliabh Beagh Chairperson Sinead Madden for the club’s participation in a recent litter picking initiative.  This was done in conjunction with Niall O Connor Monaghan Co Council. Thanks to everyone who helped.


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