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2023 Irish Youth & Senior Summer National Championships

A squad of eight Sliabh Beagh swimmers travelled to Dublin to compete in the prestigious 2023 Irish Youth and Senior Summer National Championships where they were joined by around 1125 of Ireland’s top swimmers from around 120 clubs. Achieving qualification times for this meet and to participate at the highest level of National competition is an achievement in itself.

Day one saw Adam Lynch swim in the 200m freestyle event where he achieved a 2.41 second personal best, finishing 4th in his heat while Hayden James posted a 1.90 second personal best and got their competition off to great start. Swimming in the women’s 100 meter breaststroke, Katherine Ryan set a new best time in the U15 age-group while in the U17 age-group Rebekah Gillis started positivity in the same event. Swimming in the tough 800m freestyle event, Sean Greenan took an impressive 3.57 seconds off his previous best in the U15 age-group while in the U16 gae-group Hayden James knocked a whopping 14.21 seconds off his previous time and with both performances placed both boys in the Top 10 in their age-groups at National level. In the men’s 100m Breaststroke, Darragh Hughes had a excellent swim in the 100 Breaststroke finishing agonising fourth in the U17 age-group in an exciting race finish.

Day 2 saw Rebekah Gillis return to complete in a very competitive 50m freestyle event posting a 0.2 second PB, while Hayden James dropped his personal time by another 0.28 with both swimmers excelling in the shorter sprint event. In the 200m Backstroke Sean Greenan bagged himself an impressive 5.95 second PB, earning a place in the B final and finished 18th overall, while Edvardas Zumaras set a fantastic 2.83 seconds personal best time in the same event in the U16 age-group. The 100m Butterfly proved to be a very popular even for five Sliabh Beagh swimmers with Sean Greenan, Hayden James and Edvardas Zumaras all posting  1-3 second performance best improvements in their age-groups. In the U17 age-group Darragh Hughes held form in his age-group in the same event , while Adam Lynch finished in the Top 20 and a B Final finish.

Day 3 saw exceptional performances in the Boys 100 Freestyle by Sean Greenan, Hayden James and Adam Lynch who again set personal best times across the trio of swims by between 1-3 seconds. In the 200 Breaststroke, Sean Greenan set a huge personal best time by some 5 seconds with a second swim and B final place in U15 age-group, while Darragh Hughes set a new personal best in the 200 Breaststroke and A final berth and Katherine Ryan finished off her summer nationals racing with a super personal best and B final swim in the Girls U15 age-group.

Day 4 was another day to impressive day of racing starting off with encouraging swims in the Girls 100 Freestyle by Rebekah Gillis and Aoibhin MacCinna in the U17 age-group.  In the Boys 400m freestyle, Sean Greenan set a new personal best time while Adam Lynch finished 11th U18 200 Butterfly. In the final event of the day, Darragh Hughes had a fantastic swim in the 50 Breaststroke, setting a new personal best time of 30.83 in the Open B final and finishing fourth in the U17 age-group.

Day 5 of the meet saw Aoibhin MacCinna compete in the women’s 100m backstroke, with Sean Greenan and Edvardas Zumaras posting new personal best times in same event in their respective age-groups. In the 200 Individual Medley, Adam Lynch won his heat in great fashion in a new personal best time by nearly three seconds but Adam’s best swim of the meet came in the 50 Butterfly when he posted a sublime personal time of 26.12 to get a B final swim and bring his summer nationals to brilliant end.

Sliabh Beagh would like congratulate all the swimmers for their swimming and performance endeavours during the course of this exceptionally demanding event as the team looks to build on the progress for next season.  Finally, Sliabh Beagh would like to thank the support team of parents, club administrators, sponsors and Coral Leisure for helping with the team’s preparation for this national meet, as well as Head coach Pearse McGuigan for his coaching guidance and direction throughout the season as well as the five days of this year’s summer Nationals.


Sliabh Beagh perform fabulously at the Swim Ulster festival!

The last club competition in the regional season, the Swim Ulster swim festival held in Lisburn last weekend proved to be a fabulous event for the twenty Sliabh Beagh swimmers who attended the meet and achieved a large haul of top place podium finishes and personal best times.

In session one, brilliant first place finishes and gold podium winners were achieved in the U12 age-group by Clodagh McCabe (50 Butterfly), in the fifteen and older age-group by Sophie Neeson (50 Backstroke) and Aisling Duffy (50 Butterfly). Fantastic silver place podium finishes were achieved in the U10 age-group by Rian Lynch (100 IM, 50 Backstroke, 50 Butterfly), U12 age-group by Daithi Lynch (100 Breaststroke), U14 age-group by Matthew Mohan (50 Butterfly), fifteen and older age-group by Aisling Duffy (100IM, 50 Backstroke, 100 Butterfly). Superb bronze place finishes were achieved in the U12 age-group by Daithi Lynch (100IM), in the U13 age-group by Odhran MacCinna (50 Backstroke, 50 Butterfly), in the U14 age-group Matthew Mohan (100 Breaststroke) and Jay Kavanagh (50 Butterfly) and lastly, in the fifteen and above by Sophie Neeson (100 Breaststroke). Wonderful personal best times were achieved Hannah McKenna (100IM, 50 Backstroke, 50 Butterfly, ) Eilis MacCinna (100IM, 50 Butterfly, 100 Freestyle), Clodagh McCabe (100IM, 50 Backstroke, 100 Freestyle), Emma McKenna (100IM, 50 Butterfly, 100 Freestyle), Sophie Neeson (100IM, 100 Freestyle), Colm Duffy (100IM,50 Backstroke, 100 Breaststroke), Odhran MacCinna (100IM, 100 Freestyle), Matthew Mohan (100IM,100Freestyle), Eabha McMullen (100IM, 50 Backstroke,100 Breaststroke,100 Freestyle), Daithi Lynch (50 Butterfly, 100 Freestyle) and  Jay Kavanagh (100Freestyle).

After the dizzy heights of an exceptional positive session one, session two proved to be another smashing session of swimming performances for Sliabh Beagh swimmers. Leading the charges with top three podium finishes were achieved with sublime gold podium places in the U12 age-group by Lily Deery (100 Butterfly), Egan Hearty (100Backstroke, 100 Butterfly, 50 Freestyle, 200IM) and in the fifteen and over age-group by Hannah Sheridan (100 Butterfly, 200IM) and Kristupas Januskevic (100 Backstroke, 50 Freestyle, 200IM). Terrific silver place finishes were achieved in the U11 age-group by Sophia Vergnano (50Breaststroke), U12 age-group by Lily Deery (100Backstroke, 50 Freestyle), fifteen and over by Hannah Sheridan (100Backstroke). Outstanding bronze place podiums were achieved in the U11 age-group by Sophia Vergnano (200IM) and in the fifteen and over age-group by Hannah Sheridan (50 Breaststroke) and Kristupas Januskevic (50 Breaststroke). Marvellous personal best times were achieved Sophia Vergnano (100 Backstroke, 50 Freestyle), Lexi Ronaghan (50Breaststroke, 50 Freestyle), Aoife Mullen (50 Freestyle) and Lily Deery (50 Breaststroke).

This concluded a first class competition for the swimmers of Sliabh Beagh and brought to a close to the club season for the summer break. To ensure the smooth running of logistics on the day, Sliabh Beagh would to sincerely thank the team managers of Fionnuala Lynch, Claire Sheridan and Team coaches Ciaran McMullen and Pearse McGuigan in their supporting roles on the day, as well as congratulate the swimmers for their fabulous racing endeavours on the day.

Sliabh Beagh swimmers perform positively at the Stuttgart International

Six swimmers from Sliabh Beagh earned the right  on the clubs second overseas swimming trip this season to compete at the exciting Stuttgart International swim meet, Germany on the 24/25th June. With a competition that boasted over 50 teams competing with some 15 overseas teams from Ireland, Egypt, the UK, Swizterland, Austria and Ukraine as well as Germany the competition was certainty an International swimming event!

Sean, Rebekah, Evardas, Darragh, Aoibhin & Hayden

First day of the meet, Sean, Aoibhin, Rebekah, Eamon, Evardas, Harden & Darragh

Day One started off superbly with Edvardas Zumaras posting personal best times in the 100 Freestyle, 50 Butterfly and won an excellent bronze medal in the 100 Backstroke in the sixteen age-group in his first International swimming meet outdoors.  Sean Greenan, as the youngest member of team had a great first day at the level of meet finishing in best time in the 100 Freestyle finishing eighth in the U15 final, while in the 100 Backstroke he placed an agonising fourth place and in the 200 Individual Medley he had another brave swim after a long day at the pool in the extremely warm 30 degree heats placing fifth in the event. New swimming recruit Hayden James, brought great synergy and excitement to the Sliabh Beagh team being on his first International swimming meet placed 8th in the U16 100 Freestyle, set a new personal best in the 50 Butterfly and placed in the top eight in his age-group in the 100 Backstroke having to navigate the absence of swimming pool roof lines whilst racing outdoors was new experience for him to master.  Darragh Hughes was competing in Stuttgart for the third time and with this level of previous experience he finished seventh in the 17 and older age group 100 Freestyle, placed fifth in the 50 Butterfly and finishing off his day with an excellent second place and silver medal podium in the 50 Breaststroke and brought a close to a rewarding day of racing for Darragh. Rebekah Gillis started of the meet in positive fashion with a sixth place in the 17 and older age group 100 Freestyle and fourth in the 100 Backstroke, & was in fantastic form battling hard for a well earned bronze in the 50 Butterfly and finished off her day of racing with a sublime first place finish and first gold for the team in the 50 Breaststroke.  Aiobhin MacCinna, was another swimmer on her first outing in Stuttgart at this level of competition and didn’t disappoint with strong performances in the seventeen and older age-group finishing fourth in the 100 Freestyle and 200 Individual Medley, seventh in the 50 Butterfly and fifth in the 100 Backstroke. Evardas posing proudly with his Bronze MedalDarragh proudly showing off his Silver MedalRebekah sporting her Bronze Medal

Despite the searing temperatures in Stuttgart on Day Two, Sunday continued to be a fantastic day of swimming for the Sliabh Beagh swimmers with best times, final swims and podium places aplenty. First up was Darragh Hughes who got his hand on the wall for welcomed third place and bronze in the 100 Breaststroke that included cash prizes for those swimmers placing in the 100 metre finals! Darragh also placed fourth in the 100 Butterfly and gave great coaching and personal encouragement to the other team members in his leadership position as Team Captain.   In the U15 age-group which proved to be very competitive, Sean Greenan was continuing his exceptionally consistency placing fourth in the 100 Breaststroke and finished top eight in both the 50 Freestyle and 200 Freestyle. Edvardas Zumaras again was having a big meet finishing third and touching for bronze in the U16 200 Backstroke as well as placing tenth in the 100 Butterfly, ninth in the 50 Backstroke and top eight in the 200 Freestyle to finish off a very rewarding sequence of performance for him.  In the same age-group, Hayden James had a confidence boosting swim in the 200 Freestyle winning his heats and finishing fifth overall, and had a tremendous personal best swim in the 50 Freestyle and put in a strong performance in his last event of the meet, finishing eighth in the 100 Butterfly. A determined swim by Rekekah Gillis guaranteed her a third podium of the meet and second place and silver in the 100 Breaststroke. In the 50Freestyle, Rebekah had a brilliant swim placing fourth, while in the 50 Backstroke and 200 Freestyle she raced to creditable fifth place finishes in both events. Aiobhin MaCinna had started off with a solid ninth place in the 50 Freestyle and then had a great performance in the 100 Butterfly finishing third and winning bronze and then backed it up with another brilliant swim in the 200 Freestyle picking up another bronze medal and finishing third. With a fourth place finish in the 50 Backstroke for Aiobhin, this brought to a close a very successful meet for her as well as the other competing Sliabh Beagh swimmers.

Day 2! Aoibhin, Rebekah, Darragh, Hayden, Sean and Evardas keeping it cool in the soaring heat!

This was a brilliant meet from start to finish and every swimmer gave a great account of themselves through very aversive conditions of 30 degree heat and long competition days. The Sliabh Beagh swimmers were great ambassadors to themselves, the families, the club and their country and worthy representatives at the level of competition. A big thanks to Eamon O’Hara, who despite being in retirement kindly stepped in to support the team with his sublime coaching support. A special thanks to Team chaperones Helen Hughes and Kim Greenan who gave support with the team logistics over a very demanding weekend of competition and finally, to Team Manager Sylvia Gillis who did a phenomenal amount of background work planning and sourcing in advance of the trip to make sure the travelling Sliabh Beagh team got the best support possible to make the whole experience for everyone as successful as it was.

A well deserved Bronze Medal for Aoibhin

Now the team will look forward to going back to training and preparing with four weeks of quality training as they look to make a splash at the last swim meet of the season at the Irish Summer Nationals in beginning on the 26th July.

Rebekah Proudly showing off her Gold Medal

Darrah managed to convince the Edgyptian Head coach to trade tops!Showing off our stylish t-shirts!Hayden ButterflyMoney voucher for Darragh!Sean chilling after his race!Sean!Always time for a quick selfie – Thank you for all your support in Stuttgart Sylvia, Helen, Kim and Eamon!


Stuttgart International Swim Gala 2023!

 Good luck team Sliabh Beagh!

Our highly motivated and fun-loving swimmers will be heading to Stuttgart, Germany on Friday, 23rd June to represent Sliabh Beagh at the Stuttgart International Gala 🇮🇪 🇩🇪

Our swimmers will compete alongside 600 swimmers from 32 clubs around the world

We wish Hayden, Edvardas, Rebekah, Aoibhin, Darragh & Sean the best of luck!

A special thanks to LA Kitchens for sponsoring the team’s lovely T-Shirts!

End of Season Fun 2023

BBQ and inflatable fun to celebrate the end of what has been a very successful 22/23 season.

We would like to say a massive thank you to our coaches and committee members who have gone above and beyond to make this year a successful one.
To those who will be leaving us, we would like to wish you all the very best and thank you for supporting the club during your time here.
To the returners, we are looking forward to seeing you all next season!
We would also like to say good luck to Aoibhin, Darragh, Edvardas, Hayden, Rebekah and Sean who are heading to Stuttgart on the 23rd June to compete in the Stuttgart International Gala. Swim fast and have fun!
With the 22/23 season coming to an end, the finale for the competitve swimmers from Sliabh Beagh will be the Irish Summer National Age Group Championships that will be taking place at the UL Arena in Limerick from Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th July 2023 and the The Irish Summer National Youth & Senior Championships that will be taking place at the National Aquatic Centre in Dublin from Wednesday 26th to Sunday 30th July 2023.