Child Welfare

This notice is published by the executive of Sliabh Beagh A.S.C. in order that swimmers, officials and parents are aware of the procedures that are involved when training sessions are in progress.

At the beginning of any club training session swimmers must not enter the pool until given permission by the teacher / coach.

Swimmers are required to spend 5 to 10 minutes before the training session start time, completing the various stretching exercises that are essential to prepare the body for exercise.

Swimmers should never leave the poolside without permission from the teacher / coach.

Swimmers must attend the complete training session. If a swimmer must leave the session before it is completed, this fact must be conveyed to the teacher / coach before the session commences.

If a swimmer feels unwell during a training session they should inform the teacher / coach and take time out. If they have to go to the dressing rooms they should request to be accompanied there by a swimmer and /or a club official / parent of the same gender.

At the end of every training session, all swimmers should contribute to the “tidy up”.

Safeguarding Statement 2021


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