The period concerned is from the 2/12/13 to 2/1/14.

There will be no changes to AM training due to school from 2/12/13 to 20/12/13 inclusive.

The senior and intermediate squads have the opportunity to get one additional hour training on Thursdays from 7 – 8 pm commencing Thursday 5 December 2013. This is only for those senior and intermediate squad swimmers who attend that day’s AM training session. This is not an either / or situation. No show in the morning you will not be allowed train that evening. DO NOT CHANCE IT.

This is a normal training time for the Junior squad.

Training during the pool closed period is as follows;

SATURDAY 21st Dec –  Senior/Inter 9 – 10.30am. Junior and Aqua 10.30 – 12.00pm.  Dev squad 12 – 1 pm.

SUNDAY 22nd Dec –  10 – 1pm Senior/Inter (3 hour session)

MONDAY 23rd Dec –  10 – 1pm Senior/Inter (3 hour session)

CHRISTMAS EVE 24th Dec –  No Training

CHRISTMAS DAY 25th Dec –  No Training

St STEPHEN’s DAY 26th Dec –  No Training

FRIDAY 27th Dec –  10 – 1 Senior/Inter (3 hour session)

SATURDAY 28th Dec –  Senior/Inter 7-8.30am.  Junior/Aqua 8.30-10am.   NO PM SESSION

SUNDAY 29th Dec  –  Normal training hours AM as the pool is open to the public.

MONDAY 30th Dec  –  10 – 1pm Senior/Inter (3 hours)

TUESDAY 31st Dec –  10 – 12pm Senior/Inter. 12 – 1.30pm Junior and Aqua squads.

NEW YEAR’S DAY 1st Jan –  No training

THURSDAY 2nd Jan –  No training.

FRIDAY 3rd Jan  –  Normal AM. Pool reopens for New Year.

 Training Resumes for all squads -Week Commencing 7th January 2014

Any queries, contact Eamon.

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