Club AquaSprint Gala

Last Saturday the club held an internal gala for all swimmers born between 1999 and 2004.  The purpose was to introduce many of the younger swimmers to a gala environment and also to get the age group chaperones tuned in to the aqua sprint format.

It was very exciting to observe the swimmers in action. The performances ranged from surprising to fantastic. Well done to all boys and girls. Progress is evident and the hard work of concentration, application and repetition in developing your technique, improving your fitness by attending all session and sharpening up by competing with your comrades over the sprints will make you hard to beat in 2012.

I have been asked to inform all swimmers and parents that the club policy is that when we are competing in the Aqua Sprint series we put participation above winning. That means that every swimmer in the club is valued equally. Consequently every swimmer will be given a fair and equal opportunity to represent the club in these galas. Nevertheless we are striving to overcome our competitors but not at the expense of excluding anyone.

Parental support in timekeeping, age group chaperone managers, recording results and provision of tea, minerals, cakes and sandwiches etc is necessary and very appreciated. For these galas to run efficiently is demanding on manpower and your effort last Saturday and in the coming months was and is appreciated by all.

Tommy is handing over his roll as Aqua Sprint Manager to Deidre and he asked me to inform everyone that he will ease you into the job gently. Tommy’s fire fighting performance last Saturday was necessary on occasions and was an example of his experience that will be invaluable initially for Deidre and Co.

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