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Cornelia, Peter and Mary on the gallery overlooking the competition pool in Lisburn.
Cornelia, Peter and Mary on the gallery overlooking the competition pool in Lisburn.


Last Saturday two swimmers performed in the Ulster Masters gala in Lisburn. This is a very popular gala and many swimmers from all over the country attend.  On this occasion there were swimmers from the four provinces and also swimmers who are now resident in Ireland but learned their swim skills a long way from here.  Several records fell during the gala and there was a great buzz in the pool area.

We had two swimmers and we also had a local girl who swims under the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association.  Cornelia Connolly was returning to swimming after an absence of twenty years.  This was a brave step and Cornelia managed the environment very well. Swimming in the following events, Cornelia set new Personal Best times in the 50m Freestyle, 50m Backcrawl, 100m Freestyle and the 400m Freestyle.  These times are significant improvements on her Club Gala and training time trials.  Into the bargain Cornelia was successful in winning a Bronze medal in the 100m Freestyle.  Mary Bramley swam in the 50 Breaststroke, 50 Backstroke and 400 Freestyle.  Mary was successful in collecting two bronze medals in the 50m Backcrawl and 400m Freestyle.  Peter O’Hara was the third swimmer attending. Peter swam successfully in the 100 Butterfly, 100m Breaststroke, 100 Backcrawl and 400m Freestyle.  He collected medals in all events and also set Personal best times.  He was a half second outside the 100m Butterfly Ulster Record.


Last Sunday 18 swimmers from the club dipped their toes into the new 50m Pool in MAGHERAFELT.  This is a fabulous facility.  It is actually not that far away and will certainly provide and quality and alternative training stimulus for our swimmers.  The coaches were not wasting too much time admiring the building.  Work got underway on time and it was tough.  The swimmers found that the turns they do in pools like Monaghan are a great opportunity to rest the arms.  The last 10m of each length have the arms screaming for a break. This is especially so when the arms have pulled them through 3,000m and are heading for the 4,000m .  Training alongside us in the remaining 3 lanes was the Larne swim club.  This was a new experience for most swimmers and also was educational for our swimmers and parents watching.  This club had their swimmers bring all their own personal gear – snorkel, fins, pull buoy, kick board and hand paddles.  In this sport we are always learning from others and adapting the learning to our situation.

Anyway a big thank you to our Treasurer Tom Collins for putting time into negotiating the pool time and cost, also a big thank you to the transport providers. The event was good from a number of perspectives – training, learning from others, socialising and geography.  The next session at this venue is on the 9th December.


Last Saturday also saw a number of our members participate in the triathlon, for some this was their first experience while others are now verging on becoming serious triathletes!!!  Congratulations to all who took part and well done.  NEXT TIME WE NEED EAMON TO PARTICIPATE!!!


This coming Friday, Saturday & Sunday we have 15 swimmers attending the first Swim Ulster Qualifying gala in Bangor.  Good luck to all of you.

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