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This Saturday 2nd February our AquaSprint team are heading to Lecale for their 2nd gala of the season.  Wear Aquasprint T-Shirt and Club Hat.  Please be at Monaghan Pool for 2.50pm, bus will leave at 3pm sharp.  Children must have parent/guardian with them.  Cost: €10 per swimmer, €5 per adult.



This gala was held in the National Aquatic Centre last Sunday. Sliabh Beagh swimmers delivered some great swim, collecting PB’s and placing for medals in a number of events. Most importantly swimmers, especially the younger ones got an opportunity to swim in an excellent venue, in front of big crowds and under the watchful eye of sharp referees and stroke judges. A few Disqualifications (DQ’s) were handed out and the swimmers must take this on-board when at training. Listen to your coaches and get the technical elements fixed before the next gala. Below is the record of results from this gala.

100m Freestyle McKenna, Sean 1:10.65; McGee, Oran 1:10.98; McGahon, Cillian1:29.00; Campbell, Leon1:29.53; Keenan, Eoghan1:30.14; O’Caolain, Oran 1:34.74; Campbell, James 1:43.55; Young, Orla 1:08.60; Young, Niamh 1:12.08; McShane, Jordan 1:12.41; Collins, Niamh 1:26.74; Stevely, Ellie 1:27.91; Stevely, Aimee 1:50.00. 50m Butterfly McKenna, Eimear 40.95; 50m Backstroke McKenna, Sean 40.34; O’Caolain, Oran 47.78; McGahon, Cillian  51.36; Stevely, Ellie 49.33; Stevely, Aimee 58.75. 100m Breaststroke Young, Oisin 1:27.44; McShane, Jordan1:29.76; Young, Niamh 1:34.09; McShane, Megan 1:42.94; McKenna, Eimear 1:43.72; McManus, Shannagh 1:49.47; Keenan, Eoghan 2:00.62; Collins, Niamh 1:51.90; 100m Butterfly McKenna, Sean 1:32.38; Stevely, Aimee DQ. 50m Freestyle McKenna, Eimear 34.96; 50m Breaststroke McGee, Oran 43.40; McKenna, Sean 47.10; Campbell, Leon 52.94; O’Caolain, Oran 56.12; Campbell, James 1:09.73; 100m Backstroke Young, Orla 1:17.08; Young, Oisin 1:17.99; McKenna, Eimear 1:24.75; McManus, Shannagh 1:46.80; 100m IM McGee, Oran 1:26.02; Keenan, Eoghan 1:45.11; McGahon, Cillian 1:47.76; Campbell, Leon 12 Sliabh Beagh DQ; O’Caolain, Oran DQ; Campbell, James DQ; McShane, Jordan 1:21.70; McShane, Megan 1:34.03; Collins, Niamh 1:38.46; Stevely, Ellie 1:40.92; Stevely, Aimee 2:03.75.  Club Aqua Sprint coach Linda McGahon was very pleased with the performance of all



We had 3 swimmers representing the Club in Newry on Sunday. Once again swimmers delivered great swims, collecting PB’s and placing for medals. Results from gala are as follows: 50m Freestyle Louise Gorman 39.19, Alison Gorman 40.87, Olivia Gorman 51.78; 100m Backstroke Alison Gorman 1.41.60, Louise Gorman 1.56.30, Olivia Gorman 2.24.56.  Well done girls.



The club completed two successive Sundays in Magherfelt at the 50m Pool. This is important in helping the swimmers adapt to the very different physical impact swimming in this longer pool has on the body. The next session will be on the 12th February 2013. This will be a double session during the mid term break. The Club Secretary will be seeking ideas on the management of and transport plan for this event in the coming week.



The club executive and committee would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Margo & Pauric Sherlock and her family on the death of Mrs Mary Fitzpatrick, mother of Margo and granny of Laura & Ryan.  Margo was club Secretary for a number of years and is still a great support in many ways to our club and Laura was a former member of our Senior Squad.   May she Rest in Peace.



Third instalment of fees are now due. 

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