Club Notes: 14 May 2015

Swim Ireland Official Licence for Ita

Ita being congratulated by Frank Stevens, Swim Ireland International referee and Officials Course tutor
Ita being congratulated by Frank Stevens, Swim Ireland International referee and Officials Course tutor

This is a process that can be fast tracked or taken at a gentle pace. It is up to the candidate, their available time and commitment. There is a process, which begins with a timekeeper course, which involves operating the stopwatch, electronic timer and blue dolphin system. There are of course a few guiding principles involved too regarding start and finish protocols.

Next is a turn judge course. This involves a theory and practical element. The practical element is over a number of local and development galas, leading to assessment at a championships. Final assessment is via an in-competition assessment by one of Swim Ireland’s Referee tutors.

Next up is the Stroke Judge course. This has a similar but much more rigorous theory element. A knowledge of FINA rules in a 60 minute examination, requiring an 80% pass rate. Attendance and officiating at a range of galas, getting feedback from your assigned mentor, completing your logbook and culminating in a national championships assessment, is the way to getting the award.

Ita has completed these steps over the last couple of years.  She is the club representative at the Ulster and National Championships. It is time consuming and can be pressurised at times in the heat of competition, whether it is beginners or world champions that are in the water before your beady gaze.

Ita would encourage club members, parents and interested observers to get involved in this aspect of swimming. After all, like the referee in football, the gala / game cannot go ahead without the official.

Club Fees

The final installment of club fees are now due, please see the club treasurer or secretary. If you have already paid thank you.

Upcoming Galas

  • Swim Ulster Summer meet 22nd to 24th May in Lagan Valley, Lisburn
  • Leinster Division One 29th to 31st May in The NAC, Dublin
  • Bangor LC Meet 7th June in Aurora Leisure Centre, Bangor.
  • NAC LC Meet 7th June in The NAC, Dublin

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