Club Notes: 8th March 2018

Intermediate Squad swimmer – Sheenagh McKenna who was an Age Group Winner at the recent Focus 2021 event, was delighted to be one of ten swimmers from Swim Ulster who were invited to attend part of the Swim Ireland National Squad Camp in Bangor Aurora Aquatic & Leisure Complex

Sheenagh had a great day joining in with the National Squad in a nutrition talk & in the gym for strength and conditioning. Then to finish off the evening watching them train.. great experience for all involved.

Upcoming Galas

Swim Ulster Qualifying Gala in Bangor Aurora. Good luck to all swimmers attending this gala this coming weekend.

Enniskillen Lakelanders swim Meet: This gala takes place on Sunday 15th April in Lakeland Forum. Closing date for entries 25th March 2018.

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