Club record Gala

The clubs first club record gala since the Monaghan Pool reopened in 2006 was staged last Saturday evening between 5 and 8 pm. This gala was for all those swimmers who are on the Aqua Sprint squad all the way up to our Masters swimmers. The event was run off very efficiently thanks to the great work done by many people. Making this event happen requires caterers, chefs, timekeepers, security staff (for the magnificent sambos and sweeter items), referee, marshals, results collators, and the club secretary. Of course we need the swimmers to attend too or we have wasted our time.  We certainly had the swimmers. They performed at very high levels and while there is always work to be done, it is evident that considerable progress is being made. Last Saturday all swimmers produced very good swims. Those who have set the club record in their age group in the different strokes will have their name and the record posted on the club notice board. This record will stand for at least one year – until the same gala is held in May 2013.  Ian is carefully and accurately collating the results. Until he has them ready to go we cannot publish the name and the time. We also held age group relays and they too will be the benchmark for next year when the same of a different team will try to become the record holders.

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