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Last weeks quiz and answers

  1. True or False? Drinking tea will dehydrate the body due to the caffeine content?  Answer: False – Drinking Tea will NOT dehydrate the body
  2. What is the ideal Carbohydrate intake for an Athlete?
  • Less than 40%
  • Less than 50%
  • 50%– 60%
  • More than 60%
  • It depends

Answer: It depends – why? ‘Athlete’ is a very broad term and relates to marathon runners, swimmers, divers and weightlifters alike. There is a need to be specific with the carbohydrate intake! This is the case with the other macro nutrients too. This will also change for a single athlete based on the training phase and the specific day whether it be a training or rest day.

  1. Name three Macronutrients? Answer – Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins.
  2. Name three Micronutrients? Answer – Vitamins, Minerals Water

This week we are asking..

  1. What exactly do CHO’s do?
  2. What is the job of Protein?
  3. What is the role of Fats in a diet?

Helping Swimmers Zero In on the Perfect Push-Off

There are basically only two kinds of push-offs:  Good Ones and Bad Ones.   The good ones give swimmers a forceful burst of speed off every wall. The bad ones tend to grind to a halt before they ever get started. When a swimmer loses a race by a narrow margin, push-offs sometimes take the blame for the loss. By the same token, push-offs sometimes get the credit when a swimmer wins by a touch. Either way, it’s easy to see that push-offs have the potential to make or break a race.

When performed correctly, a push-off employs the human body’s most effective posture for minimizing resistance through water.  And resistance-reducing measures are clearly called for since water is about 800 times denser than air.  In fact, water is so dense that a bullet fired into a body of water will lose all velocity after travelling less than eight feet.  It is water’s tremendous stopping power that compels swimmers to minimize resistance whenever possible.

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