Fast swimming for Sliabh Beagh at Nac Charity Gala.

13 Sliabh Beagh swimmers took part in this gala on the 14th February. As always a large crowd was in attendance, with Sliabh Beagh swimmers taking home 27 personal best times and two medals.


Hannah Sheridan: This was Hannah’s first time attending a gala with her older brother Jamie. Hannah swam 50Fr, Fly, Bk & Br. Great PB’s in all four strokes.

Emma McElvaney: 100m Fr PB and 100m Bk.

Ellen McGeough: 200IM & 100Br. PB’s in both strokes.

Hannah Skeath: 100Fr PB 100Br, 200Fr & 100Fly PB.

Katie Bowden: 100Fr PB, 200IM PB, 100Br & 200Fr.

Daniel Madden: 100Fr & 100Br PB in both.

Matthew Skeath: 100Fr (QT for Swim Ulster qualifying gala), 100Br 200Fr & 100Fly and Great PB’s in all strokes. Great swims.

Matthew Comiskey: 100Fr, 200IM & 100Br PB’s in al strokes.

Oran O’Caolain: 100Fr, 200IM & 100Br. This was Oran’s first gala in awhile due to being unwell. Good to see you back Oran.

Jamie Sheridan: 100Fr, 50Fr, 100Fly Silver & 100Bk Bronze. PB’s in all strokes.

Connor Comiskey: 100Fr, 200IM & 100 Br. PB’s in all strokes.

James Campbell: 50Fr & 200Fr. PB’s in both strokes.

Leon Campbell: 50fr PB in an AMAZING TIME of 26.99!


Well done everyone!


Parents Information Meeting.

An information meeting will take place on Sunday 6th March from 9 to 10 am. This will be an opportunity for parents/guardians to gain information on upcoming galas, qualifying times and ask general questions about training etc. Please come along and avail of this opportunity to understand the swimming pathway a little better. See you all there. 

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