Guide to PTLs

The Swim Ulster Provincial Town League (PTL’s) is an exciting inter-club league which involves clubs from across the province.  PTL’s include swimmers from all levels age 9 years + which results in the whole club coming together as a team to compete with other clubs. PTL’s not only provide an exciting competitive environment for the whole club to get involved in, but they also provide a fantastic training experience for our more competitive swimmers throughout the winter months.  PTL’s are basically like the football league, each year team at top of division table is promoted and team at bottom of league is relegated to lower division.  A trophy is awarded to winning club in each division and trophies for winning club in each age group.

Galas last about 2.5 – 3hrs usually on a Saturday evening. Dates for year have to be fixed before September.  New clubs entering start in Division 4 and swim 5 galas a year (Sept, October, November, January and February (area finals March),  2/3 home and 2/3 away. In our case we will have three at home as East Cavan swims in Monaghan (Buses could be organised for 2 away galas).  Looking at division table to date from last year teams in our division would be East Cavan, Alliance (Belfast City), Mid-Ulster (Magherafelt), Leander and Armagh.

All team members must be part of the Club.

The following are the age groups: 
Age is 31st December 2018 throughout the season:
  • GROUP A –  9/10 – SWIMMERS BORN IN   2008/2009
  • GROUP B– 11/12 – SWIMMERS BORN IN 2006/2007
  • GROUP C – 13/14 – SWIMMERSBORNIN   2004/2005
  • GROUP D – 15+ To any age (even coaches) – SWIMMERS BORN IN 2003 or earlier.


At every PTL there are two relays (medley and freestyle), four individual strokes and an IM (Individual Medley) for each age group.

Each Individual event is 50m for all age groups (M/F) with 100m IM. Relay events are 4x25m for A Group and 4x50m for B, C and D groups.

  • Medley Relay and Freestyle Relay: 4 swimmers per relay team both girls and boys in all age groups (i.e. 4 boys and 4 girls for relays in each age group).
  • Backstroke: 2/3 Girls and 2/3 Boys from each age group are chosen (8 races)
  • Breaststroke: 2/3 Girls and 2/3 Boys from each age group chosen (8 races)
  • Butterfly: 2/3 Girls and 2/3 Boys from each age group chosen (8 races)
  • Freestyle: (front crawl) 2/3 Girls and 2/3 Boys from each age group chosen (8 races)
  • IM : 2/3 Girls and 2/3 Boys from each age group (8 races)

THREE swimmers in each individual event but only the TWO BEST PLACED IN EACH TEAM score points.

POINTS:   Individual Events 7, 5 ,4, 3. Relays 14, 10   OVERALL: Win 2 points. Tie 1 point.

Basically, we need a minimum of 2 boys and girls for each individual event and 4 boys and 4 girls for each relay in all age groups.

As a finale to the year there are Area Heats and Finals (not part of league table but open to all swimmer’s part of league)

Every year the North Clubs get together and run heats to select an all North Team, and the South Clubs do the same.  For the heats swim entry is restricted to 4 swimmers in each EVENT (A group Back, A Group BRS, etc etc). There is no limit on the swims that they may enter Normal rules for the finals will be in place (max 3 swims per swimmer & max 2 swimmers per club in any final) Medals and Trophy’s awarded to all winners in each age group in finals.

IF INTERESTED CONTACT EMER ON (087) 1228604 with swimmer’s name and date of birth on or before Sunday 29th April.  Emer will be at pool from 4.30-6.30 Tuesday and Thursday this week to speak with parents.

For queries or more info about PTL’s League contact Maura (086) 8037681.