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The next Graded Gala is approaching on January 19th and it is the perfect time to introduce Aquasprint squad ,Junior squad, and some of the Intermediate swimmers to competitive swimming.

I would be very keen to see all swimmers from the squad enter and compete in one or two events at this meet.  As the meet is in The National Aquatic Centre, Dublin  it is very accessible and as it is a 10 lane pool I am hopeful things should run relatively quickly and smoothly.

I propose that our swimmers attend the morning session. Warm up at 9.00am, start 9.40.

The choice of strokes are as follows.


BOYS                                                              GIRLS

100 freestyle                                             50 butterfly

50 Backstroke                                           100 breaststroke

100 fly                                                          50 freestyle

50 Breaststroke                                        100 backstroke



Closing date for this gala is 7th January (full details are on “Upcoming Gals page” and noticeboard.

Remember your child MUST be registered with Swim Ireland and Swim Ulster before they can race.

Check with Claire and she will let you know if they are registered.

The entry fees are €7 per event entered, so if you enter 2 races it will be €14, this is to cover the pool hire and running costs for the gala and is unavoidable.

There is no emphasis whatsoever on success or competition, swimmers are simply expected to execute 4 or 8 lengths of technically strong swimming and attain a time for what they have done. As the swimmers develop then we should see progress in this initial time as we continue to compete.

This hopefully provides an additional incentive to concentrate at sessions and witness the rewards for their hard work.

All swimmers will be entered in the meet on identical times, ensuring that each race is less like an open meet and more like a club time trial surrounded by friends and team mates. Obviously the more swimmers we get competing the more enjoyable the experience will be for all!  With a bigger entry the day becomes less like a “competition” and more like a day out with friends and team mates.

Any questions at all, please feel free to ask your child’s coach. We understand many swimmers and parents are unsure about events such as this and have many preconceived notions of what they may be like. However it is important if you wish your child to progress in swimming, to give them an opportunity  to practice what they have learned in their swimming sessions.  This can be best done in a competition settingRemember it is always someone’s first time!

 Regards The Coaches.

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