New AquaSprint co-ordinators selected

Last Saturday a meeting was held of parents of AquaSprint swimmers for the forth coming gala series.  The two new co-ordinators selected were Deidre Comiskey and Kirsten Roberts.  The Club would like to welcome them on board and wish them well.

All AquaSprint parents are expected to provide assistance at the galas which will be held on the following dates:

  • 21 January 2012
  • 11 February 2012
  • 10 March 2012
  • 31 March 2012
  • 14 April 2012
  • 12 May 2012

Three are at home and three are away.

A big thanks to Tommy Collins and Marie McKenna and also Marie’s predecessor, Enda McKenna the outgoing AquaSprint co-ordinators.  Tommy has worn the co-ordinator’s hat for the past three years and has fulfilled his role efficiently and always with great humour.  He was succeeded this year by Marie, who has continued the tradition of efficiency, helpfulness and good humour.

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