Ulster Masters Gala

Pictured at the Ulster Masters Gala in Lisburn on 26 November 2011 were James O’Hara, Patrick McKenna, Damien Murray and Paul McDonald
Pictured at the Ulster Masters Gala in Lisburn on 26 November 2011 were James O’Hara, Patrick McKenna, Damien Murray and Paul McDonald

Four Sliabh Beagh swimmers attended the Ulster Masters Gala in Lisburn on 26 November 2011.  They entered in the 400, 100 and Relay Freestyle events. Three produced personal best times, which is amazing based on the low level of training they are doing. However with age comes power, mental strength and the ability to modify what you are doing even when under pressure.

The results were Patrick McKenna, 1st 400M Freestyle 4.38.10 and 2nd 100m Freestyle 55.39; Damien Murray 2nd 400m Freestyle and 3rd 100M Freestyle.  The relay team were 3rd in the 4 x 25m Freestyle event in a time of 53.02. Paul McDonald swimming in his first ever indoor competition returned a 1.23.03 for his 100 Free. Paul also swam in the 400m Freestyle event and produced a personal best time to be proud of and this demonstrates that application does deliver. James O’Hara after ‘volunteering’ to make up the relay squad, discovered that three visits to the pool in 11 years is not enough to stave off heart attack like conditions, when trying to go flat out for 100m. Still a return of 1.06.93 was not bad for his near death experience.

Ulster Schools Championships

This gala will be held on the evening of Friday the 6th of January and Saturday the 7th January 2012.  Application forms have been sent to all schools, who have swimmers in the club.  Swimmers and parents are encouraged to pursue the matter with the schools as late entries are not accepted.

This is a schools event not a Swim Ireland or Swim Ulster event.

Club Morning Training

As and from Tuesday the 6th December 2011 our morning mid week training will be deferred to Tuesday and Thursday evenings for the month of December.

This is very inconvenient for some club members but we are working with the Pool Management on this one and hopefully it will work out ok.

So training for the Tuesday and Thursday morning squads will now be on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7 to 8.30 PM.

There is no change to any other club sessions.

Development Meet 2

Some swimmers at the Larne Development Meet 2 on 27 November 2011
Some swimmers at the Larne Development Meet 2 on 27 November 2011

Fourteen Sliabh Beagh swimmers attend this gala in Larne on Sunday last. Every swimmer returned a personal best time. Our swimmers put in very strong performances which showed character and determination. From a technical perspective there was an improvement in turn speed, stroke quality and starts. Work still needs to be done by the coaches with the swimmers on transitions from one stroke to another in the IM events and also the backstroke approach prior to the turn.

Overall however it is great to see the swimmers starting to analyse their performance and to then try to correct things, even when under pressure in competition during their next event that very day. Well done everyone. It must be remembered that the vast majority of these swimmers last Sunday are under 12 years of age.

The following are the results from this gala for Sliabh Beagh swimmers.

  • 400M Freestyle – Caoimhe Quinn, 6.56.32; Lorcan Roberts, 7.40.78; Colin Gorman, 6.16.63. 100M Backcrawl – Caoimhe Quinn, 1.33.00; Claragh McGahon, 1.33.13; Alison Gorman, 2.01.95; Emer Sheridan, 1.40.88; Jessica Donoghue, 1.36.36; Sean McKenna, 1.39.38; Dara Quinn, 1.39.98; Ben Sheridan, 1.46.59; Conor Comiskey, 1.51.63; Cillian McGahon, 1.51.93; Lorcan Roberts, 1.53.79; Colin Gorman, 1.37.53; Jamie Sheridan, 1.27.82; Oran McGee, 1.35.84;
  • 200M Individual Medley – Claragh McGahon, 3.34.07; Caoimhe Quinn, 3.34.27; Sean McKenna, 3.15.32; Conor Comiskey, 3.48.97; Ben Sheridan, 3.55.76; Jamie Sheridan, 3.14.65; Oran McGee, 3.17.80;
  • 200M Breaststroke – Emer Sheridan 3.46.19; 200M Butterfly – Colin Gorman, 3.37.36; 50M Freestyle – Dara Quinn, 41.87; Matthew Comiskey, 53.72;
  • 50M Breaststroke – Matthew Comiskey, 1.02.06;
  • 100M IM – Caoimhe Quinn, 1.41.76; Claragh McGahon, 1.42.64; Alison Gorman, 2.05.36; Conor Comiskey, 1.49.86; Dara Quinn, 1.52.14; Cillian McGahon, 2.00.54; Jamie Sheridan, 1.30.39; Oran McGee, 1.33.36.

Medals were collected at this gala by Caoimhe Quinn, Claragh McGahon, Sean McKenna, Colin Gorman, Jamie Sheridan.