Sliabh Beagh at the Enniskillen Lakeland Gala

As always a friendly welcome was extended to all Sliabh Beagh swimmers and support team and a special thank you to the organisers, officials and referee on the day.

The morning consisted of 20 events, 9-11 years and 12+years in all strokes. It was down to business as the starter commenced the first race, excitement filled the air.

Sliabh Beagh has 24 swimmers competing across the morning, with four making their debut. Our Team Manager Claire Sheridan was flat out organising swimmers as the turnaround was very fast, good job Claire.

Our swimmers achieved 45 PB’s, 14 Medals & Qualifying Times for Swim Ulster Qualifying Meets.

Congratulations on your achievements and keep up the hard work.


Yes, but in order to achieve the above, there are a sequence of events which must be completed and rules adhered too, in order to do so. Starting with push off, streamline, under water work, break out, stroke rate, breathing, attacking the wall on the turn and finish, all of which must be technically correct. There is a lot to remember. Only by doing so each and every time you swim in training, with maximum effort, will you improve and achieve your goals.

The Club, parents and families would like to thank our swimmers for representing us and their dedication to training. Well done on dreams fulfilled, times achieved and the odd medal thrown in for good measure. Believe in your own ability.