Sliabh Beagh Masters collect 10 medals at Long Course Nationals

Photograph taken poolside includes Peter O’Hara, Paul McDonald, Eamon O’Hara (Coach) and Patrick McKenna

Three men from the Club competed in this event last Saturday in the 50m pool, at the University of Limerick. Over 330 swimmers were entered and the competition was very close across the age groups and in the open categories.  Present were swimmers from Italy, USA, Poland and Lithuania as well as a big Irish entry. All four provinces were well represented and many Irish Internationals and current and former champions were in action. On the day three national records fell.

So who was there, what did they swim and how did the Sliabh Beagh swimmers go? Peter O’Hara swam the 50 Butterfly, 50 Breaststroke, 50 Freestyle and 100 Freestyle. Paul McDonald swam the 400 and 100 Freestyle. Paul was unfortunate in that he picked up a neck injury over the last two weeks which seriously impeded his ability to swim fast. However he was not going to miss the event and accepted that he would not be giving of his best on this occasion. Patrick McKenna swam the 400, 200, 100 and 50 Freestyle.

The following were their results.

Patrick McKenna

  • 400 Freestyle 4.42.77 1st overall and in his Age Group
  • 200 Freestyle 2.09.46 1st overall and in Age Group
  • 100 Freestyle1.00.04. 5th overall and 1st in Age Group
  • 50m Freestyle 26.28. 1st overall and in Age Group

Paul McDonald

  • 400 Freestyle 6.41.12
  • 100 Freestyle 1.26.56 2nd in Age group

Peter O’Hara

  • 50 Butterfly 29.64 3rd Overall and 1st in Age Group
  • 100 Freestyle 1.01.75. 7th overall and 1st in Age Group
  • 50 Breaststroke 40.52. 3rd in Age Group
  • 50 Freestyle 27.28 5thoverall and 1st in Age Group

Interesting observations

Paul McDonald swam in considerable pain but still got out with a smile on his face. Paul’s attitude is best summed up as‘Better to have tried and done your best than not to have tried at all.’  Patrick McKenna had a goggle malfunction on the dive in the100 Free. Nevertheless, despite he could not see where he was going, and twice crashed into the lane rope, did not give up. He was very disappointed with the outcome, as he knew he could have won the event. Unfortunately that is sport.  Peter O’Hara was very happy with his days work in general but he also commented ‘that he should have controlled his stroke better between the 25 and 40m mark’ in the 50 Free.  Mary Bramley and her sister Edel Farrell now living in Limerick, but both originally from Monaghan were competing in their respective events and categories.

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