Sliabh Beagh Swimmers attend Development Gala in Lisburn

Sliabh Beagh ASC sponsored by Scotstown Pharmacy.


On Saturday 4th March nine swimmers from Sliabh Beagh represented their club at Swim Ulster Development Gala 3 in The Lagan Valley complex in Lisburn.  The swimmers have all been working hard to compete in their various events and on the day they did’nt fail to perform. 
First swim of the day saw our youngest swimmer Tom Doherty compete in a gala for the first time. He swam the 100 IM and competed as if he was a seasoned competitor gaining a PB for his effort. Later he swam in 50 breaststroke achieving another PB. Well done Tom. Susie O’ Flaherty and Rebekah Gillis swam in 100 IM,  both achieving PB’s. Next up was James Campbell in the 200 IM. This is a challenging event for young swimmers, as there are a number of components  involved in this race, however James was up for the challenge and swam a technically smart  race. Later James swam in the 100 backcrawl  and came away with a PB and a bronze medal.
Hannah Sheridan swam in 200 IM and 100 backcrawl. Hannah Skeath swam 200 IM and 100 backcrawl. Ellen Mc Geough  swam 200 IM, 100 backcrawl and Darcy Walker swam   50 breaststroke and 50 backstroke, all achieving PB’in all their events. Emily Madden swam  a 200 IM, in the morning, but saved the performance of the day  for the 100 frontcrawl, in which she stormed home  to take  3rd place in the most competitive swim of the day; great race Emily. Coach Ita was very happy with the swimmers and how they performed, and all went home happy.
The Swim Ulster Talent Coach praised the  improvement in all the swimmers performance especially in turns and underwater work and acknowledged the hard work the swimmers were undertaking.
In the afternoon Hannah Sheridan, Hannah Skeath, Susie O’ Flaherty, and Hazel Mc Morrow competed in 100 meters kicking race. This was a fun aspect and has a new feel about the competition / event. From the off, Hannah Skeath led the field giving a great performance in how Frontcrawl kicking should  be done, the last 25 meters saw her finish 20  seconds ahead of the competition.  Well done Hannah.

The results were as follows:

  • JAMES CAMPBELL: 200IM -BRONZE 3.02.20 PB(1.08). 100BK – 1.25.53 PB(4.47)
  • TOM DOHERTY: 100IM – 1.42.92 PB, 50BR – 57.22 PB(12.78). This was Tom’s first gala.
  • EMILY MADDEN: 200IM – 3.02.61. 100BK – 1.26.23. 100FR – 1.13.46
  • ELLEN McGEOUGH: 200IM – 3.16.93 PB(5.21). 100BK – 1.32.50. 100FR – 1.16.64 PB(6.93)
  • HAZEL McMORROW: 100FR KICK – 2.09.72. 100FR – 1.31.11 PB(0.52)
  • SUSIE O’FLAHERTY: 100IM – 1.47.16 PB(1.57). 100FR KICK 2.14.39. 100FR – 1.33.49 PB(13.76)
  • HANNAH SHERIDAN: 200IM – 3.45.42 PB(3.71). 100BK – 1.47.55 PB(9.81). 100FR KICK – 2.23.39 PB(3.99). 100FR – 1.32.16.
  • HANNAH SKEATH: 200IM – 3.14.86 PB(15.14). 100BK – 1.31.56 PB(6.43). 100FR KICK – SILVER 1.47.78 PB(12.22). 100FR – 1.14.84 PB(1.41).
  • DARCY WALKER: 50BR -BRONZE 46.59 PB(0.52). 50BK – BRONZE 42.93 PB(2.07). Swim Ulster Qualifying time.

 As always thank you to our parents who helped with official roles. These galas cannot take place without your help and assistance. 

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