Sliabh Beagh swimmers swim well at Graded Gala

Sliabh Beagh had 7 swimmers attend the Leinster Graded Gala on January 17th, 2016 at the NAC in Dublin.  This was the first Graded Gala for 8 year old Darcy Walker who swam fantastic, earning herself her first “grade” time.  The other 6 swimmers did equally as well, all earning personal best times by several seconds for their events.  Jamie Sheridan earned a first place finish in the 100 butterfly, knocking 3 seconds off of his time.  Cliona Sheridan earned a third place finish in the 100 breaststroke, also taking 3 seconds off of her time. Emily Madden swam a strong 50 butterfly, taking 4 seconds off of her time.  Her brother Daniel knocked the socks off of his 100 freestyle, taking 13 seconds off his time, while taking a whopping 18 seconds off his 50 breaststroke!  Caolan Roberts swam a strong 100 butterfly, taking 9 seconds off his time.  His brother Lorcan also swam a very impressive 100 butterfly taking 13 seconds off of his time.

Our swimmers were quite strong in the water and the work that has gone into their training was  evident.  Overall they swam 20 events and took more than 76 seconds off of their times!  Well done swimmers!


50Fly: Jamie – 31.26PB (-2.29) SILVER.  Emily – 38.73PB (-3.28).

50BK:   Darcy – 59.00. Daniel 54.60. Jamie 33.28PB (-1.85) BRONZE.

50FR:   Jamie – 28.31PB (-1.96). Emily -34.61PB (-2.19).

50BR:   Darcy – 58.59. Daniel – 59.24PB (-17.76).

100BK: Jamie – 1.13.22PB (-4.53) GOLD. Emily – 1.25.39. Cliona – 1.27.04PB (-0.44).

100 FR: Daniel – 1.37.64PB(-3.28). Caolan – 1.21.23PB (-12.82). Lorcan – 1.09.81PB (-1.05). 100BR: Cliona – 1.36.66PB (-3.42).

100Fly: Caolan – 1.46.83PB (-8.21). Lorcan – 1.25.26PB (13.10). Jamie – 1.08.43PB (-2.88) GOLD.

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