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Parental Supervision Rota:

Under Swim Ireland rules and regulations for Child Safety in Sport, the club is obliged to have a responsible adult supervise at all times during pool and dry land training sessions.

If you are unable to attend your scheduled session you should arrange cover with someone else.  However please note that it is still your responsibility as the originally named person to ensure that the session is covered.

Each pool and dry land training session must be supervised by a parent.  This duty was set up in the interests of both swimmers and coaches to enhance their safety.  The coach may ask for your help should a swimmer become ill or injure themselves in some form.  Should a swimmer need to go home their parents should be contacted and the swimmer should wait with you till they arrive.

For Full Policy Details: Supervision-Policy-2010

Each Month the Parent Supervision Rota will be sent via WhatsApp to each squad.


  • Swim Ireland stipulate that for all training sessions there must be a parent present so that the coach can get on with coaching safely without being distracted by other things which may occur during the session e.g. A swimmer not feeling well and needs to go home. The parent on duty will take control of the situation
  • A parent on Supervision Rota is made out and notified to all parents via Text. The rota will be displayed on the Club noticeboard and website.  You usually would have no more than 1-2 sessions a month
  • It is the parents responsibility to check when they are on duty and to swap with another parent if cannot attend for their session
  • If on duty you must sign the signing in book which is found at the Reception desk
  • All the duties expected of you are outlined on the inside cover of the book.  Each book is clearly marked which squad it is for
  • Arrive on time and be seated before the training session starts
  • Sign the Supervision Book (located at the Reception Desk) with your name and the correct date. If you have swapped with someone, please sign your own name, but also note in brackets the name of the person originally scheduled to  be there
  • Note any incidences in the Pool-Sitting Book under your name (e.g. If a child feels unwell, if a child leaves the pool early, if the session ends early, or if anything unusual happens)
  • Ensure all swimmers have left the water before you leave
  • Note:  If a swimmer gets out of the pool because they feel unwell, please keep checking that all is OK in the dressing room until the parent arrives.  This may involve requesting another swimmer to be in the dressing room
  • It is OK to read during pool-sitting sessions, but please remember to check that all is well every few minutes