Swim Ulster Competition Programme 2012/2013

The Swim Ulster competition calendar currently hosts:

  • Novice Gala ; 22nd June 2013
  • 4 Development Galas; 21st October 2012, 8th December 2012, 27th January 2013, 9th March 2013
  • 3 Qualifying Galas; 16th/18th November 2012, 18th/20th January 2013, 15th/17th February 2013
  • 2 Championship Galas
    • Ulster Short Course Championships, 14th/16th December 2013
    • Ulster Youth and Age Group Distance Championships 15th/17th March 2013
  • Ulster Masters Gala; 10th November 2012
  • War Memorial Gala ; 10th November 2012


The Swim Ulster Competition Calendar for 2012/2013 is available for download.  Please be aware that dates and formats are subject to change.  There are venues yet to be confirmed and the calendar will be updated when this happens.


Development Meet Information

Qualifying Meets Information

War Memorial Meet Information

Ulster Masters Meet Information

Ulster Short Course Championships Meet Information

Ulster Age Group and Youth Distance Meet Information TBC

Novice Meet Information

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