Training in Cyprus – Update

Well the boys and Eamon are coming to the end of their hard training in Cyprus below they are pictured during part of their land training

At Ayia Nicolaos after swim session and before commencing cycle to Nicosia !!
At Paphos Gate in Nicosia having completed the 95km cycle from Ay Nik to Nicosia via Northern Cyprus (The Turkish Occupied Area). Behind the gate is the Catholic Church in Nicosoa which is located in the Buffer zone. Both community churches & centres are overseen by the Greek, Turkish & UN Forces.

Head Coach Eamon and 3 of our senior swimmers – Paddy, Paul & Damien are in Cyprus at the moment for a week training session.  The men have just completed a 4,300m session.  They were alongside the Russian Triathlon Team.  There are 24 members in the squad – male & female.  Three of which will be at the London Olympics and the rest are future olympians, but are current Junior & World Championship level athletes.   They are planning for the future and the lads believe that we at Sliabh Beagh and at National level should be thinking this way too.

This team of 24,  3 coaches,  and a manager are in Cyprus for 2 months training.  Not bad eh!!!

 Pictured below are:   the 3 lads at the 50m pool in Larnaca.  There is also a 25 m pool on site.  Ice bath Cyprus style!!!

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