Ulster skills Gala takes place in Omagh

Sliabh Beagh ASC Sponsored by Scotstown Pharmacy.


This Gala took place on Saturday 25 Nov 2017.  This is a new development for swimming in each province in Ireland. This development is part of the process for swimmers to progress through the new system rolled out this year. Now swimmers are restricted by age to the events they can enter. They more importantly, also are being restricted by skill level on the galas they can qualify to enter.

This Ulster skills gala is one such new step. The skills being tested are 25m of each stroke where time and stroke count determine pass / fail. Also tested are underwater speed and distance, kick speed, turn efficiency and breath control and flotation.

If swimmers get a gold, silver or bronze level pass, they will qualify to enter Development galas, where they are again tested in their ability to swim 100m IM inside an age specific time and executing all turns to the required level of expertise.

These may seem restrictive rules and not suitable for all swimmers. Well the objective is to bring swimmers to a good level in all strokes and all aquatic skills,  before specialisation is introduced. The overall aim of Swim Ireland is to raise the skill level of swimmers, in order to bring more to a higher level and possibly international success ultimately.

This also stretches coaches and clubs & facilities), to be more expansive in the development of their swimmers and to put a multi stroke programme, developing distance and the core aquatic skills to the top of their training priority.

The inaugural test last Saturday was very well executed by our 10 swimmers. They did their best and looked comfortable in action. We await their results after analysis by Swim Ulster staff.


Successful Fundraising Flag day.

A big thank you to everyone who stood out in the cold last Saturday collecting for our annual flag day. Thank you to all who supported us and gave generously.


Annual Christmas Club Gala.

This Gala takes place on 23rd December. Swimmers should sign up for swims on the club notice board. Don’t forget to put your name down for a relay team. Parents will also be required to help run the Gala.


Christmas Swimming Schedule.

This Saturday 16th December is the last training session for the Development Squad. They will resume training on Saturday 13th January. All other squads, please check the club noticeboard for the Christmas training schedule.

Masters Training finishes this Friday 15th December and will resume on Friday 12th January.

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